1) Create an account on WayScript

Access WayScript at app.wayscript.com or download the WayScript desktop app available for MacOS and Windows at https://wayscript.com/downloads. Create a new account.
WayScript is currently in alpha release, so you may encounter small issues as we continue our development of the platform. Please subscribe to our blog and join our Discord server for continuing updates. We greatly appreciate your feedback and support!

2) Create a workspace

Enter a name for your workspace.
The WayScript desktop app will create files on your local machine and sync them to a remote server. You be able to sync your files to a local directory if accessing WayScript from your browser. See Configuring your workspace for more details on workspaces.

3) Add a Lair

Select “+ New Lair” to create your first Lair!

4) Build your first tool!

Now that you have created a Lair, follow one of our 5-minute tutorial to get started building tools on WayScript X:
The next step is to invite your team to your workspace (see Configuring your workspace for more details). Happy building!