1) Create an account on WayScript X

Access WayScript X at app.wayscript.com or download the WayScript X desktop app available for MacOS (Windows release coming soon) at https://wayscript.com/wayscriptx. Create a new account.
WayScript X is currently in closed beta release. For early access, please request an invite at wayscript.com/wsx.

2) Create a workspace

Enter a name for your workspace.
The WayScript X desktop app will create files on your local machine and sync them to a remote server. You be able to sync your files to a local directory if accessing WayScript X from your browser. See Configuring your workspace for more details on workspaces.

3) Add a Lair

Select “+ New Lair” to create your first Lair!

4) Build your first tool!

Now that you have created a Lair, follow one of our 5-minute tutorial to get started building tools on WayScript X:
The next step is to invite your team to your workspace (see Configuring your workspace for more details). Happy building!
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