File system
Each workspace comes with an attached file system which stores Lair directories and any other files or directories. The file system is structured under a workspace root directory.

Example file system for your workspace

├── my-lair-a/
| ├── .triggers
| ├──
| └──
├── my-lair-b/
| ├── src/
| | └──
| ├── .triggers
| └── .secrets
├── my-folder/
| └── my-image.png
└── my-file.txt
Files can be referenced by their relative or absolute path (starting from the workspace directory), and certain directories and files are protected, including:
  • Workspace directory
  • Lair directory
  • .triggers file
  • .wayscript directories and nested files
Additionally, you may not access files within other Lair directories from a selected Lair. Any files that need to be accessed by multiple Lairs should be located within your workspace directory.
File edits do not auto-save; you must use cmd+s to save edits to your local device. You will see a
next to your file name if it has not been saved.

Using file sync through the WayScript desktop app

When using the WayScript X desktop app, your file system exists in two places:
  • Remote - on WayScript X’s managed infrastructure (or self-hosted, coming soon)
  • Local - on your local device
The WayScript X desktop app creates and accesses files on your local device and then syncs those files to your remote infrastructure.
Both your remote and local file systems are connected to your Lair’s development environment. Please see Hosted environments for more details on your Lair’s environments.
Setting up your file sync between remote and local
On first launch of the WayScript desktop app, follow the prompts to choose a local directory to sync WayScript files between remote and your local device. Our tool will then create a new directory with the name of your workspace within the specified directory and download files present on remote.
Now that your WayScript files are present on your local machine, you can initialize git or other VCS on the workspace directory or for individual Lair directories to track changes or push to other remote locations. You can also clone repos directly into your workspace or Lair directories.

Opening & saving files on local

The WayScript X file system accesses your local files through the in-app file browser. You can open multiple files in a tab view and edit file content using the app's in-built text editor.

Fetching file system status from remote

Pressing “Fetch” will evaluate whether there are changes that have not be downloaded from remote to your local machine. The app will also automatically “Fetch” before protected actions such as starting a new process or updating your integrations.

Pulling file system from remote

Pressing “Pull” will attempt to download files from remote to your local machine, based on the following rules:
  • If the file has been modified or created in remote and NOT modified on your local machine, the remote file will replace your local file.
  • If the file has been modified on your local machine, you will be asked if you would like to overwrite the local file with the remote file.

Pushing file system to remote

Pressing “Push” will attempt to upload your local machine’s workspace to replace your remote workspace. Currently, this function is not destructive, i.e., files deleted within your local machine’s workspace will NOT be deleted on the remote workspace.
Please do not modify .wayscript directories and nested files stored under your workspace root directory and Lair directories. These files are used for configuration or identification purposes and modification can lead to an unresponsive app state.
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