What is WayScript?
WayScript is a development hub for internal tools. WayScript provides instant, cloud-hosted containers to allow devs to focus on writing code instead of managing infrastructure. Common use cases include setting up internal microservices, hosting full-fledged apps, and executing scripts via cron / other triggers.‌
Each container is managed in a dedicated, pre-configured environment (managed by WayScript or self-hosted), deployed with a single click, and pre-built with monitoring and permission controls.
With WayScript, you can unblock data access by quickly turning database queries into secure REST API routes for your team or customers. You can set up batch data migrations to run asynchronously. You can even build interfaces for non-technical teams. The possibilities are endless!
WayScript is currently in early release, so you may encounter small issues as we continue our development of the platform. Please subscribe to our blog and join our Discord server for continuing updates. We greatly appreciate your feedback and support!

Overview of WayScript's core features

Looking for WayScript's visual builder?

You can still continue developing internal tools using our visual "tree" editor on the previous version of WayScript (now named WayScript Viz) here.
While we plan to focus development on the new version of WayScript, we are committed to supporting our vibrant community of teams and developers on WayScript Viz with bug fixes and stability & security improvements for the foreseeable future. We do, however, recommend trying out the this version of WayScript as it is a more powerful platform for many common internal tool use cases.
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